The Beauty of Hair


Having hair has always been a beauty for me. You see I have always loved watching film as inspiration and a learning tool. I found that I enjoyed watching them as they have stories and influence behind them.  It not everything that you watch as a film, that would give you great influential knowledge.

Coming from a Christian family as a youngster, my father loved watching the old Hollywood movies, which involved the Bible such as Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, Spartacus and Deliah and Samson. Each of these stories has had a huge impacted on my life but I would watch Delilah and Samson and be very interested in part where he especially lost his hair by Deliah cutting it. Samson felt that he had lost his power and strength when it was cut.

By watching this film, this is what has inspired me when I am feeling down and depressed. When feeling like this I would have a new look by simply cutting my hair to give me strength to carry on. My friends in past have always asked me why do I not let my hair grow? I have always replied that I like short hair, it look good on me and that I enjoy continually cutting my hair to get back a rejuvenated spirits to always carrying on with a happy positive spirits.

Photo Credit Nick Gregan

With this fact, this is why I have always been interested in taking care of your hair as it’s a very important factor of your self being.