What do you do next, to keep going or quit?

Quit – Quietly United In Togetherness

To not give up


Why do we have two hands?

Is it not to guide each people other hands with your own hands as togetherness?

Sometime it not about following other people times, as they may not always be on your timetable or routine.


One step at a time in your own space of time is what you need, so within that small progress is happening without you visualising it and while you waiting to see the changes, you will be able to have time out to refocus as little at a time.



If you come across any of your creation’s and you have not been credited correctly, please get in touch with us as we do not wish to offend anyone, this page is intended to give information of what we do and what is going on around in Africa fashion and Education. We are creating awareness of information in one area to emerging designers and public to get inspired by. Much Love LACE…..