1st path in fashion

My first introduction to the fashion world come when I was looking for an employment as a Junior Secretary. While looking through the newspaper for a position that was suitable for me I had come across a vacancy at Zandra Rhodes studio off Goldhawk Road back in 90’s.   I decided to applied for the position and I was interviewed by Zandra herself.

Fashion of 80'sWhat a shock what I saw as I did not really know much about fashion world back then and of her! When I saw her! all that I would see was multi coloured hair colours (Cyndi Lauper, Toyah Willcox) that got me from this mature lady.

You see the fashion in the 80’s, were mostly of young people with the multi coloured hair as we had a lot of punk culture going on that it was a delight to see a very culture influential lady but sadly it was not to be for me to work for her!

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