Sending the ELEVATOR back down.

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There is a saying in sending the elevator back down. This saying interprets, as I am somebody.. Let the world know your name…LACE slogan.

“I believe that if you have been successful in whatever you wanted to do in your life, then it’s your contribution to facilitate a fraction of your time into sending the elevator back down to the next generation within their skills set and let them be a somebody for the world to know their name.


I have tried on many occasions to tell people how much my experience has been shaped by those I have come across and that is what drives me now and motivates me today into helping the next generation. This is why we should continue to inspire those that follow behind us into helping the next generation into whatever their dream is.

Sending Elevator

The truth is…all of us can send the elevator back down because it doesn’t matter what floor you’re on – in life – there’s always someone just below – just waiting for the chance to be invited into whatever floor level. We should not discriminate as to whether they are not within your class groups or have a grammatical problem.


By you segregating that individual you will never know what the person will and can deliver within their undiscovered talent.” Wari LACE – Creative Director – Founder

What’s the point of this statement, you ask?

We at LACE would like to encourage everybody who is climbing, who have climbed the corporate ladder and the ones doing the hiring – to think of students and next generation into giving them opportunities into helping them with their skills set ambition.

 Success ladder

With the economy struggling like it has been, a newbie trying to make his or her way in the workforce might be like trying to get to the top of the shaad tower – a hidden door, a locked door and then lots of dizzy, spiralling stairs.


Please send the elevator down to pick up the next generation within their undisclosed talents knowledge so that they can start their own career and then one day they will be able to send the elevator back down to the next generation in waiting to achieve their dreams and for you to be proud of your involvement into assisting the next generation into accomplish their goal.

If you come across any of your creation’s and you have not been credited correctly, please get in touch with us as we do not wish to offend anyone, this page is intended to give information of what we do and what is going on around in Africa fashion and Education. We are creating awareness of information in one area to emerging designers and public to get inspired by. Much Love LACE…..