London Fashion Week – Model opportunity

Great to see ONE of WariLACE models Charli Fletcher @ Tata Naka Presentation for Autumn/Winter 2016!

In Celebration of Grace Jones at Tata Naka Presentation worn by warilace model Charli Flecther
In Celebration of Grace Jones at Tata Naka Presentation worn by warilace model Charli Flecther


It was a great pleasure and achievement in getting Charli this opportunity to MODEL with Tata Naka at the official ON schedule London Fashion week at ICA Gallery.

The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) is an artistic and cultural centre on The Mall in London, just off Trafalgar Square. It is located within Nash House, part of Carlton House Terrace, near the Duke of York Steps and Admiralty Arch. It contains galleries, a theatre, two cinemas, a bookshop and a bar.


This is a feedback that Wari LACE get back from Charli:

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Wari Lace. She displays such a professional and yet compassionate attitude towards us models. Whenever I am represented by Wari Lace, I feel immensely comfortable, as I know that I am in good hands. Not only does she attend the jobs booked to over see things, but she also attends castings. I recommend the services of Wari Lace to all models that are serious about their craft. I feel so elated that Wari Lace assisted me in getting booked for the Tata Naka presentation show. It is my first on schedule show that I have done for London Fashion Week. The show went extremely well and I have received so much exposure all over social media and in publications such as BFC, Vogue, Noctis and Hello! India just to name a few.” Charli

Just in case you missed it, here is a snapshot of Tata Naka Presentation for Autumn/Winter 2016 at London Fashion Week by British Fashion Council.

If you are a business or product company who wishes to collaborate with Wari LACE, please do not hesitate to contact me to be able to discuss further into how I can be of a service to you.

Working with Natural Hair Models

Models needed for upcoming projects.

We have been questioned on one particular area, Hair! We wish to clarify to why this area of HAIR is very significant. We at LACE request and require all models to have their own hair out on show to any castings and for any event shows that LACE is involved with.

The reasons for this is that Wari LACE / London Africa Cultural Event is from back in the days when models were requested and required to have their own hair out and also back than it was not the norm to have weaved hair as a model.

The ethics of LACE is that we work with enormous talented celebrities’ and upcoming hairstylists, hair award salons and leading hair products. By having your own hair out makes the model casting go smooth which enable the hairstylists to quickly see the condition of your hair to determine into what hair treatments, products and styles which would be best for your hair and one of the important factor is that they need to feel the condition of your hair, so it very important to understand why we have implement this strategy for all activities within LACE models.

So models, you can now see that this is all for your own best interest! 

(London Based only)

What is the term of Black Skin does not crack?

Photograph: Bruce Talbot/ Bruce Talbot/DK Stock/Corbis

The term that Black skin does not crack is to describe Black people ageing as ageless.

The black skin apart from the melanin that protect the skin it also how we are prepared to look after our skin. Due to harsh cold weather our skin gets dry and loses moisture so we are taught from a young age into creaming our skin with Vaseline, Aloe Vera or Cocoa butter from bath to keep our skin looking from ashy and dry.

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The term used: “It business and not to take it personally”, is a statement that needs to be revised.

Business is a personal matter as you are the business and you are proceeding within the business with passion, which come with feeling of loving what you want to do, so business do have some personally element within it.

Working with each other, there should be respectful behavior of conduct of approach within the work ethos.

Having a business in the early stage of growth is very remote and can be harsh on your soul and time.

Starting a business is not easy, it can and will alienate your friends, as they will see and think that you are travelling upward without them. This will cause a complexion feeling from them that you have left them behind, which is not the case.

The problem is that in the past you have been leisurely behind as it was not your time in whatever form and you and them had no problems within your friendship but as soon as you have step out in front it will became a problem. But what they do not understand is that you were all growing at different time and in different ambition and their growth may or had come to an end at a different stages and now it was your time to grown ahead.


Since they are your friends, you would have felt that there were and would be opportunities for them within their individual abilities to have a position within each other businesses but due to egotistical feeling they do not want be seen at a lower status than you. So the bottom line is that they will not support you fully to what you want them to do, so you have to be aware that you will lose a lots of friends and some friends will not even reinvested in monetary or time that you have invested into them. This is now called business term – not friendship.

Good versus badThere are good side of business and bad side of business as well.

You will have to be strong all the time and to control any stress and anger management that you may have.  You will have to handle it the best you can. Yes this may and can all affect you in a huge capacity and it would not matter if you are doing a great job or not!


What you will miss out for having a business:

  • Not much time for socially
  • Not enough time for entertaining with your children
  • No extra available monetary money to spend
  • No holidays

What is the end result?

  • Enjoying  creating your passion and working for yourself
  • Inspiring to help others into giving back to the next generation


If you come across any of your creation’s and you have not been credited correctly, please get in touch with us as we do not wish to offend anyone, this page is intended to give information of what we do and what is going on around in Africa fashion and Education. We are creating awareness of information in one area to emerging designers and public to get inspired by. Much Love LACE…..