Our basic right as a woman is to breastfeed, whether in public or not.

I am very confused with all this episodes and antagonism situation of women not being able to breastfeed their newborn babies in public.

Breastfeeding is best!

Let go back a bit in the late 80’s and 90” we were pursued and persuaded to breastfeed as best instead of using bottles to feed our babies.

As a young mother in both era’s, it was what we were told in advertisement campaigns that it was best for the baby and also for yourself to gain back your stomach muscle as the womb retracts back quicker due to breastfeeding.

Modelling - Wari LACE

For me it was a happy moment to be able to breastfeed my children. My first child I could only breastfeed for 2 months and then it was bottled SMA Gold, as I could not produce enough milk for what she wanted to eat. For my second child I breastfeed longer to 8 months and then on to the bottle.  I breastfeed longer simply because he had Eczema and it was suggested that it was best to try to breastfeed for long to help with the condition and to this day he does not have Eczema and also with the added bonus when breastfeeding that it helped my stomach to get tightened quickly into giving me a flat stomach which resulted in my stomach looking like I had not recently given birth.


What some people do not understand is that not every babies can have a bottle, so what do you want to do, starve the babies?



You see you cannot win, let say that the baby is crying for a long period and it not his nappies but he is hungry but you have fed him before you went out, what do you do? let the baby cry? If the mother does that then she will be reported to be an unfit mother and there will be people who would be talking behind her back so no win but it ok to make her feel bad in her special day of achievement in what she has dreamed of having a healthy baby for her to be pushed into postnatal depression and not bonding with her baby because of the stress.


This is a concern and very disturbing to hear what is going on, if I was in the position again of having a baby in these time of days, I will still be breastfeeding in public to give my baby a fighting chance of healthy antibodies in his body.

The other issue is that the mother needs to get rid of the producing milk, as her breast’s will be full, which then will result to her being embarrassed by her breast’s leaking.

So ok, the baby is hungry what do we do now carried kettle to boil water to make milk every mins of the day as we can not have milk ready and stored for too long, which will result to the baby having bad tummy and vomiting!

What is the issue, is it because it’s a sexual issue?

First and foremost breasts was given to us for enabling life and sexual pleasure was for the last result! You need to remember you would have been breast feed by your own mothers to give you a health chance of life, so please think before you react as you are disrespecting all mothers! If it’s a problem then move! You do not need to see the baby being fed even if it being covered.

You have no idea what it does to you as a mother to not be able to breastfeed as some mothers cannot even breastfeed if they tried. But it so ok to displayed breasts for all to see for pleasure but not to keep babies alive? Very confused!

You have no idea to how this make a mother feels to know that she can only breastfeed for a short period of the baby’s life for you to take that away from an enjoyment of having a baby!

As a woman and a human being this is our right! And we cannot and should not be ashamed to not have this right!

Stand your ground!

Don’t feel that you should sit in a public toilet to breastfeed. You wouldn’t eat in there, so don’t feel that your baby should.

The good news is the law is on your side and no-one has the right to be made to feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding in public. In fact, the Equality Act 2010 has made it illegal for anyone to ask a breastfeeding woman to leave a public place such as a cafe, shop or public transport.


If you come across any of your creation’s and you have not been credited correctly, please get in touch with us as we do not wish to offend anyone, this page is intended to give information of what we do and what is going on around in Africa fashion and Education. We are creating awareness of information in one area to emerging designers and public to get inspired by. Much Love LACE…..



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